Future Fabrics

A speculative Glimpse into the Future through Garments.

Social and monetary injustice grew over the last decades and lead to a huge surge in unrests and wars which ended with a small group of people unifying the world under their rule. Genetic research and sciences are so far developed, that animal DNA can be integrated into human DNA. It’s possible to choose the features gained through these manipulations. You want to run faster? Get the cheetah adjustments! You want to jump higher? Get the rabbit adjustments! But the manipulations aren’t for everyone. They are expensive and just the ruling class, mainly consisting of fanatic clerics, can afford them and can afford to dress their new bodies.

The first part of this three part work is building on a Kollisionswoche-Project lead by Gosia Warrink and Wenzel Mehnert about Worldbuilding in the WS 2019/2020. It was produced in the first “Corona-Semester” in Anna Anders’ Bewegtbild-Class, under the topic “Homevideos and/or Science-Fiction”. Starting with the design of a temple-gown for a priest in this future speculative world, a fashion short was produced, that can be shown in digital out-of-home-advertisement, like bus stops, train stations and so on. The intro and outro are inspired by oldschool video games from the 90’s, that often evolve around a comparable setting.

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