digital seit 2020
digital seit 2020

Maybe I Don’t Always Want to Focus

Everyone is talking about what to do during this time in order to use it productively, giving tips, offering online courses. And all of that is great.

But –

I don’t want to use this time sitting in my room, painting, sewing, learning a new language, that kind of stuff. 

Don ‘t get me wrong – all of these are great things to do and we need them to overcome situations like these. It is definitely better than scrolling through your Insta feed 24 hours per day locking up in a virtual world, trying to lock out reality. So – maybe I should say I don’t only want to use this time sitting in my room doing creative things. 

But – 

I don’t want to use this time for my personal artistic progress only. I want to take the time to lean back, come to peace and think about our world. About us. Let ‘s reset. 

The world can change so quickly. We forgot about that. Time changes faster than we think. Nearly as fast as humans tend to forget. In most of our lives, there is no time for deep thoughts. Just go on, they say. Don’t question. Focus. But maybe I don’t always want to focus. 

This is our chance

I want to think about us, as human beings, how we became who we have become, how we live together. I want to think about the beauty of our planet, the implicitness of space. We are not the center of the universe. We are not everything. And we cannot understand and control everything. Nearly is already pretty enough. 

Let’s take this time to reflect on ourselves, as one world, our dreams and wishes and what really defines us. What we are, our deepest inner spirit, raw and pure. Let’s think about what we can do to overcome this situation and live on together as one afterwards. Together. Let’s think about how we can take care of our precious planet and be one with nature, think back that we are not the rulers of our planet, but it’s friend. Let’s take the time to hear others and take care. 

So that, some day, when we come out of this situation, we will be able to say that through this time, we did not only develop artistically because we used our time productively, but moreover, we began to heal ourselves, feel ourselves again and experience the preciousness of life.