Photo: Om Bori

Continental shelf describes land that is submerged under shallow sea. It is both residue and margin, a liminal space swaying between visible land and seabed hidden underwater. Drawing on the morphology of the shelf, the video installation explores the sedimented stories that the paternal side of my family left behind in the landscape of Europe’s north-western coast. The forces of wind, plants, tides and mudflat that shape the land also determine the narrative’s rhythm and composition, blurring the line between the recognizable and unrecognizable, said and unsaid, remembered and forgotten. The work reproduces this ambivalent space and the memories it reveals and conceals. Through recurring and altered sentences and words, a story gradually unfolds. But like the landscape itself, it eludes clear interpretation.

installation: 2 channel video (3min 30s), plant
La Manche, 2021

Video: Om Bori
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