digital seit 2020
digital seit 2020

Square Deception

Square Deception, Screenshot 1

My work is called Square Deception. The square here refers to the way it happens in games and any 3d. In my work, I used video games. Discussed the game and the square scam in 3d.
For games, the rules and mechanics of the game do not allow or expect players to cross the boundaries of the game map. But in fact, like the picture presented in my work, no matter how real the game world looks, it is built on an infinitely large square plane.

Square Deception, Screenshot 2

No matter when building the game or running the game, this huge square plane has no boundaries. No matter how big the map of this game is, it is just a square point compared to the square plane supporting them. And the “realistic” deception of these games happens at this tiny square. This is the first Square Deception in my work.

The second relates to the constituent elements of matter. In real life, people are composed of cells, and different things are composed of different elements. But in the game, or in the 3d model, no matter how real the thing is, whether it is a beautiful horse or a cute deer, it is composed of square planes. They are all empty shells, except for the empty shells composed of square faces, and the behavior of the data code, there is nothing inside them. This is the second Square Deception in my work.

Square Deception, Screenshot 3

With the development of technology, video games are becoming more and more realistic, but in this increasingly real world, everything is still composed of squares. The square element, while constructing a more real world, is also deconstructing the so-called authenticity of the world. Before playing the game, we have the psychological preparation in advance to autonomously connect ourselves with the characters. We believe that what we see is also questioned subconsciously. In these Square Deception, belief and doubt, construction and structure, cognition and escape happen at the same time.

Square Deception, Screenshot 4

The concept of square also exists in the way video games are displayed. For video games, the most popular display medium is the screen. And no matter what the resolution of the screen is, how big the screen is, the elements that make up the picture in the screen are also “squares”, which are “squares” that are pixels.

For me, this work is not just about thinking about games. Because I started to learn 3d software, after I have a concept of these 3d models, this is also a reflection on 3d.

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