digital seit 2020
digital seit 2020

We all need visitors

Dusica Banduka
too much (2020)
Tinte und Fineliner auf Rauhpapier, 29x21cm

While I was waiting
I forgot what I was waiting for
The sound of the clock comes nearer
Every breath I take

Sometimes my breath and the tick from the clock melt together and become one
I realize my skin is the interface for the world and just keeps me away from becoming one
With the world

How much I wish to melt apart these days?
Becoming a new form, to mutate, to be this flexible

Why is it me to could not assume
Other physical states?

Am I a stone?
Yes I am.

Existing accidentally

I could be so many things
And live so differently

Do I live under Repression?
Under time Pressure?
Feeling kind of powerless..

But I am not!
Becoming my own home, where I let the loneliness inside and receive it
With arms wide open

I live in my body
And this is my home

Wanted to be accepted by others
Like I should be willing to accept their homes

I would love to be invited by them
And learn much more about other homes

How important proximity gets these days

Why not let the doors open?

We all need visitors.