Rundgang Preview 1/2

Photo: Zsófia Puszt

From 6 to 14 August, the graduates of the UdK Master’s programme “Art in Context” are holding a Rundgang Preview exhibition of the final two years from 2019 to 2021. The exhibition is presented in the Haus der Statistik, Haus B and open from 4 to 8 pm.

Photo: Zsófia Puszt

The exhibition is primarily a documentation of the work of graduates. It gives you an impression of the range of the institute’s artistic approaches, contemporary artistic issues within and outside the academy.

As alumni of the “Art in Context”, the artists work in the extended artistic practices presented in the exhibition. The work is equally focused on artistic and scholarly issues, consciously socially oriented. This enables the creation of new knowledge and discussions from a scientific, social, political and aesthetic point of view.

Sixteen alumni with disciplinary backgrounds and working media took part in the exhibition:

HUANG Jieyuan, Ulrike Schmidt, Dino Steinhof, Polly Yim, Wen-Ling Chung, Marcos García Pérez, Constanza Rossi, Yinglin Zhou, Helga Elsner Torres, Pablo Santacana López, Marieta Campos Gisbert, Santiago Calderón García, Weiqi Wang, lurenshan, Nika Grigorian.

The central object of the exhibition was the black trolley (Rezept-Wagen), on which research and publications from the institute in recent years were presented. In this way it was possible to create an impression of the range of scientific working methods and artistic research carried out within the framework of the Master’s programme.

The exhibition space was prepared and curated by the artists themselves. Unclear divisions, the blurring of boundaries and the taking of works outside the white walls – this approach worked organically within the concept of Haus der Statistik as an open urban community project.

The second part of the Rundgang Preview will take part during the UdK Rundgang October 27-31 in the foyer of the UdK’s Concert Hall (Hardenbergstraße 33).

Photo: Zsófia Puszt

You can see the work here:

Haus der Statistik, Haus B
Otto-Braun-Strasse 70-72
U/S train Alexanderplatz

Exhibition: August 6 – 14, 2021
Opening hours daily 16:00 – 20:00 (closed Monday/Tuesday)

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